About us

Welcome to the oldest sex store in Luxemburg. Our sex shop Sextasia has been around for 35 years already. We are the only sex shop in Luxemburg that offers you all three sections a good adult shop should have, all under one roof: a sales room, video cabins and an adult cinema area.

We are open every day, from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., on Sundays and holidays from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. We are open all year round, except Christmas Day on December 25.

In the products section of our sex store we have over 7000 articles on offer. Whether you are looking for seductive lingerie, noble erotic toys from renowned brands, aphrodisiacs, love drops, potency products, massage oils and lubricants, condoms, a large assortment of poppers, magazines, contact magazines, sex guides or films about all sorts of different subjects and from many different film producers, every section invites you to have a look around.

Our DVD-section permanently stocks a huge selection of new erotic and pornographic films for you, offered at reasonable prices, starting at 5.95 €.

But we can do much better than that with our packages. From our discount display you may select and put together your own choice of packages of 5, 7 or 10 different DVDs. Thus you buy new films from us for unbeatable prices:

5-DVD package for 29,95 € – that is 5,99 € per film

7-DVD package for 39,95 € – that is 5,70 € per film

10-DVD package for 49,95 € – that is 4,99 € per film

Another DVD-offer that you will only find with us, are the discount boxes. These exclusive boxes contain two DVDs each about the same subject at a price starting from 9,95 € which is a favourable 4,98 € per film.

As a special highlight, you may trade in your old films even if you did not buy them at our place. In that way we receive second-hand films continuously, which we subsequently clean and thoroughly check for their function, thereby guaranteeing you that the films are perfect. These second-hand films are sold at our place starting at an unbeatable 2,95 €.

Our well frequented porn cinema area offers you a pornographic cinema with hetero films, a gay cinema and a trans cinema. The films are running continuously in all 3 porn cinemas and change daily. You pay 13 € once for a day-ticket, allowing you to watch films in all three porncinemas the whole day. This day-ticket also allows you to leave the shop as often as you like and re-enter all 3 sexcinemas. This enables the visitors of our adult cinema area to cruise unlimitedly during the whole day.

The well attended sex booths offer you 1000 films on all subjects continuously, e.g. hetero-mix, 35+, transsexuals, bi-sexuals, homosexuals, amateurs, young girls 18+, tits, 60+, Gang Bang, fat girls, black men & white girls, old men & young girls 18+, Asian girls, lesbians, bizarre, sex-party, black girls, sado-masochism, fetish, special mix, etc… You only pay 13 € for your day-ticket, which allows you to watch films in the video booths as long as you want, without having to pay any more money in the videobooths. With your day-ticket you may also leave the shop as often as you wish and return to the video booths area afterwards, this makes unlimited cruising possible for all the day.